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Support to students from migrant households through local language learning through gamification

Gamification Tool
Assessment Tool

How it works


Once registered as a teacher you will be able to access and manage both tools from your user panel.


Digital Gamification Tool

This tool is designed to gamify language learning, helping you to monitor and direct the language acquisition of your students with a different at home language using a digital quiz challenge function to reinforce course materials.


The Digital Gamification Tool will allow you to:

  • Register your students
  • Create groups of students
  • Create challenges with image, text or audio prompt: 6 questions with 4 potential answer
  • Assign challenges to specific groups of students
  • Assign challenges to be answered with the support of an adult
  • Review the answered challenges with an onscreen presentation in the classroom


Students have two options to answer the challenges:

  • Online

You can provide each student with a custom access code automatically generated by the tool: Access URL or Access QR code. With this information, they will be able to access their personal user panel to answer all the assigned challenges.


  • On paper

You can download a PDF version of the challenge from the user panel, print it and distribute it amongst your students. Later on you will be able to upload the answers in the Digital Assessment Tool.


Digital Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to assess whether your students with a different at-home language are attaining their linguistic competencies, as progress is made through the education system in combination with the Digital Gamification Tool.


The Digital Assessment Tool will allow you to:

  • Upload students paper-based responses to challenges where applicable
  • Monitor the results of student groups
  • Access infographic summaries of the challenges completed by your students
  • Reassign challenges to those students who have failed to master a competence or score less than 4 correct answers to a challenge